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97894605817334BoekTrust Netherlands bv159789460581731<TitleType>01</TitleType><TitleText>The 500 hidden secrets of London</TitleText>0A01Tom Greig188th updated edition 2020 - What are the 5 best places to find streetfood in London? What are the 5 most innovative theatres? What are the 5 best places for craft ale? Or the best spots to dig for vintage vinyl? What are the 5 best restaurants to grab lunch at in Soho? What are the 5 must-visit stalls at Borough Market? And where are the 5 best small museums and galleries? 'The 500 Hidden Secrets of London' reveals these good-to-know addresses and many more. It is an affectionate guide to the city, written by London explorer Tom Greig. This is a book for visitors who want to avoid the usual tourist spots and for residents who are keen to track down the city's best-kept secrets. 401https://cbonline.boekhuis.nl/pls/cover/p_get_cover_fe?p_hash=2FDAFBE3706C11D0801C1F36B8B733D4401https://cbonline.boekhuis.nl/pls/cover/p_get_cover_fe?p_hash=2FDAFBE3706C11D0801C1F36B8B733D4Centraal Boekhuis0IP417.95