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97894014746634BoekTrust Netherlands bv159789401474665<TitleType>01</TitleType><TitleText>Christophe Plantin's Correspondence</TitleText>0A01Dirk Imhof09Prachtige Engelstalige uitgave van de brieven van Christoffel Plantijn 18<p>In the sixteenth century, Antwerp was an important humanist center. It was the ideal environment for printer, publisher and book seller Christophe Plantin. Through his letters he kept in touch with a variety of correspondents: members of the Spanish court, book dealers, authors such as the scholar Justus Lipsius, the mapmaker Abraham Ortelius and the botanist Carolus Clusius, as well as his own daughters.</p> <p>This book offers a selection of the letters that most capture the imagination and reveal the publisher annex businessman in full action: while recruiting authors, starting up a Bible edition, solving staff problems and much more. The collection of letters thus offers more insight into Plantin’s personal life as well as into the sixteenth-century zeitgeist, exploring themes that are still relevant today, such as international trade, war, censorship, reputation, father-daughter relationships...</p>401https://cbonline.boekhuis.nl/pls/cover/p_get_cover_fe?p_hash=4BA0F488983E8FA49D8EFF2FA4097021401https://cbonline.boekhuis.nl/pls/cover/p_get_cover_fe?p_hash=4BA0F488983E8FA49D8EFF2FA4097021Centraal Boekhuis0IP440.00